GORE-TEX® Taping

Scottish Mountain Gear is quite distinct from other companies in our trade when it comes to personalising garments manufactured from GORE-TEX® and other performance fabrics.

With our skills and technologies, we are the only company of our type in the UK that can offer a complete GORE-TEX® and performance clothing personalisation service.

Our service starts with the digitising of your logo for embroidery, we then run a sewn sample for your approval before actually embroidering your garments. We can open and close linings on garments where this is required and on all performance fabrics we reseal the reverse of the embroidery using approved progresses and materials. We even include a certificate with each garment indicating it's been 'tested and approved'. 

As we carry out all of your digitising, embroidery, taping and testing in-house you will not experience any delays in the production process nor with the efficient despatch of your personalised garments. 

A critically important element of working with Scottish Mountain Gear is that if we personalise your GORE-TEX® garments your fabric warranty is not invalidated.

We're very happy to work with product manufacturers and retailers who require support for their internal contract sales departments or contract clients. We'll also provide a free support service where we work with your contract or wholesale clients directly saving you valuable time and reducing your costs.

Some of our key partners for personalisation and retaping of embroidery are -