Small Tent Repairs (Up to '4 people')

In 1983 our business was established as 'Tent Repair Service', our name may have changed however we've been repairing tents day-in, day-out, for over thirty-five years!

We are one of the few tent repair companies in the UK and Ireland who are experts in the repair of bivi bags and lightweight small tents which sleep up to four people. In general, if you can comfortably carry your tent in a rucksack and it is around 2.5 metres squared or smaller we are happy to help.

If anything goes wrong with a tent within your warranty period the tent is normally repaired or replaced at no cost to yourself with the manufacturer being billed. Most manufacturers have a strict procedure for authorising warranty claims which you will have to follow, generally this involves returning your tent to us via the retailer from whom you purchased the tent. If anything happens to the tent out with the manufacturer's warranty, or if the warranty does not cover the damage, then we can usually repair the item with original or equivalent parts at a relatively low cost.

The most common repairs we undertake on tents are to the zips, poles, replacing groundsheets and patching holes and tears. We always consider the value of the tent and the cost of the repair and we may advise that a tent, particularly an older one, is uneconomic to repair.

We will test your tent on receipt to confirm it is still performing as expected and remains waterproof. Please note that no matter the age of the tent there are a number of factors which can accelerate the degradation of the fabric. Tents should always be fully dried out and stored away in a clean condition. They should be stored loose or hung up out with the tent bag, away from sunlight and sources of heat. We would also advise that you consider applying a reproofing treatment on a regular basis and follow specific manufacturers care instructions.

If you need some guidance as to how we can assist with any damage to your tent please call our repair centre on 0131-564 1000. To book your tent in for repair please use our online repair booking form which greatly speeds up the handling of your repair when your damaged tent arrives at our repair centre.

We are also able to make alterations to tents. These include the addition of snow valancing, extra pegging points, mesh pockets and adding mesh to an existing door. It's best to call us on 0131-564 1000 to discuss the design change you're looking for, alternatively please use our enquiry form to send us a message and our skilled team will be happy to advise you further.

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Prices include Value Added Tax at 20% however exclude UK postage and packing costs at £10.20 (under 10kg).   Given the high value of the products that we receive, we use a premium tracked service which offers us the security and insurance required.

For the last 39 years we have repaired and maintained tents of all sizes.

In the past few years the number of large tents we receive for repair has significantly reduced.

Regrettably, with the pressure of other work, it is no longer economic to devote the significant amount of workshop space needed to work on the largest tents.

We are no longer accepting family or large tents for repairs. Similarly, we no longer repair caravan awnings or roof tents.

Alongside quality repairs to specialist clothing, rucksacks and other textile products we will continue to repair bivi bags, hike tents and medium sized tents which are up to 'four-people' size.

We would like to thank all our previous customers for your support over the years and hope you understand the background to our decision.