Manufacturer Support Service Summary

To summarise we can offer your brand:

  1. Professional Contact.
    One place for your product users or retailers to contact with questions or to start the repair process. Our "first line" support team are highly experienced and the same contact will typically be the sole person who speaks to your customer.
  2. Online Services.
    Online information on both your warranty and non-warranty repair arrangements with guidelines and frequently asked questions were appropriate.
  3. Warranty and Non-Warranty Assessments. 
    One of our repair managers assesses all incoming items to establish the work required and whether a warranty claim is valid. We undertake to handle all communications with the customer following our agreed guidelines.
  4. Non-Warranty repairs.
    Your own website and customer service or sales staff can simply direct customers who need their products repairs to Scottish Mountain Gear. We handle everything from this point onwards.
  5. Clear repair pricing.
    We'll operate with a clear, agreed, pricing structure for each type of repair. Our structure is agreed with you in advance and is based on the time taken to carry out a repair, the construction of the product and the materials involved. Carriage charges are agreed in advance as well. 
  6. Management service fees. 
    For our role in managing your warranty decision making process we will charge a monthly service fee. The level of the fee will depend on the precise service package which is tailored for your brand.
  7. Quick turnaround. 
    We usually achieve a one-week turnaround on repairs, at peak times this can stretch to ten working days. We offer an express "two day" service at a premium rate and endeavour to meet all customer specified dates for urgent repairs.
  8. Our own guarantee.
    We warranty all of our work and materials for one year from the date of the repair. 
  9. Clear warranty invoicing.
    We can invoice you on a job-by-job basis or in weekly or monthly batches. All invoices detail the product, approximate age if known, colour, size and the repair carried out with itemised repair costs clearly shown. Customer delivery address information is provided as well as any reference numbers or authorisation codes which you'd like us to include.
  10. Comprehensive reporting. 
    We can provide summary or detailed information on the returns we've handled for you in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel formats from our repair management system.


To discuss how we can provide your brand with leading warranty support services please call Graham Torrance on 0131-564 1000 ( +44 131 564 1000).

We look forward to hearing from you and to providing your retailers and product users with the best support services possible.