Rucksack and Bag Repairs

We have been repairing rucksacks since 1983 and were pioneers in developing methods of repairing early sacs which had internal frames like the original Berghaus Cyclops and 'AB' ranges, the Karrimor SA and Condor models.

With so many backpackers and travellers coming to the UK from all over the globe we have seen many, if not all makes of rucksack.

The most common repairs include buckle replacements, zip repairs and replacements, webbing strap replacements, patching holes and the fitting of new stay guides.

To book your rucksack in for repair please use our online booking form, for advice please call us on 0131-564 1000.

Please note repairs are subject to adequate access for the repair and frames must be removable.

Rucksack and Bag Alterations

In addition, we can provide some minor alterations such as additional webbing straps or permanently attaching a floating lid. However, new side pockets, changes to harness systems generally prove to be uneconomic. If you are looking for specific alterations to your sac please complete an online enquiry form in the first instance and our skilled team will be happy to advise you of your options.

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Prices include Value Added Tax at 20% however exclude UK postage and packing costs at £10.20 (under 10kg).   Given the high value of the products that we receive, we use a premium tracked service which offers us the security and insurance required.

Please note repairs are subject to adequate access, internal frames must be removable and in most cases the rucksack must turn inside out. We do not currently repair hard cases or camera bags.