Sleeping Bag Repairs

Scottish Mountain Gear has carried out repairs to sleeping bags for over three decades. Our 10,000 sq.ft. repair centre gives us plenty of space to work on larger items of outdoor gear like tents and sleeping bags with ease. 

Our team are highly experienced in repairing all brands of sleeping bag. Our most common repairs to sleeping bags are the result of faulty zips where either the full zip needs to be replaced or, more likely, we simply need to replace your zip sliders. 

We also have the skills, fabrics and machinery which enables our team to patch down and synthetic sleeping bags in the event of any damage or tears to the fabric. We can also add a zip providing construction allows.

To book your sleeping bag in for repair please use our online booking form, this greatly speeds up the handling of your repair when your bag arrives at our repair centre. If you have any queries or questions as to how we can rejuvenate your sleeping bag please call us on 0131-564 1000 or use our enquiry form and one of our repair advisors will help you as soon as possible.

Please make sure your sleeping bag has been cleaned prior to sending in for repair, and since it was last used. Please also state if it has been cleaned on your booking form otherwise, we will contact you to check. Any bags sent to us in an unclean condition will be returned or a cleaning charge may be applied before repair. 

Please see our separate information pages on our down filled sleeping bag cleaning service and refilling service.

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Prices include Value Added Tax at 20% however exclude UK postage and packing costs at £10.20 (under 10kg).   Given the high value of the products that we receive, we use a premium tracked service which offers us the security and insurance required.