Embroidery and Printing on Performance Clothing

Scottish Mountain Gear is a division of Image Scotland. We are one of the leading suppliers of clothing personalised by computerised embroidery, screen and digital printing in the country. We are unique in the UK in being able to offer a complete performance clothing personalisation service.

We can produce quality embroideries on GORE-TEX® jackets, salopettes and other garments, which we then reseal and test using processes and materials approved by W.L. Gore and Associates. We even certificate the personalised garment as being 'tested and approved'. 

In the case of embroidery it is necessary to pierce the surface of a GORE-TEX® garment during the production process. This would affect the waterproof performance of the garment if the embroidered area is not properly sealed. 

At Scottish Mountain Gear, the GORE-TEX® garment is fully waterproofed after embroidery using the process of re-taping. Heat activated genuine GORE-TEX® tape is applied to the back of the embroidered area and pressed, whilst heated. The sealant from the tape melts, seeping through the pierced lining of the fabric and filling the needle holes in the GORE-TEX® membrane. 

During this sealing process, the surface of the tape is plasticised, providing a durable, guaranteed, waterproof covering capable of undergoing continuous deformation without rupture or loosening.

We are the only business of our type in the UK which offers a complete embroidery service in-house from embroidery digitising to the testing and certification of the finished performance fabric product. 

In addition to embroidery, we are also able to offer screen printed thermal transfers or digital prints onto performance clothing. Our print processes do not penetrate through the garment hence do not require re-taping.

A critically important element of working with Scottish Mountain Gear is that if we personalise your garments your GORE-TEX® fabrics warranty is not invalidated.

We're also very happy to work with products manufactured from other fabrics including Event®, Aquafoil® and AQ2®.

If you're a manufacturer, retailer, organisation or company who requires personalisation of performance fabric products call us on 0131-564 1000 or use our enquiry form to get in touch. As we carry out all of the processes in-house we're confident that we'll save you money and time in working with only one business to supply you with great personalised performance clothing.