Non-Warranty Support

We run dozens of slightly different warranty support operations. We're confident that we can tailor a warranty management and repair service package to suit the precise support needs of your business and brand. We know that every manufacturer has its own guidelines when dealing with their warranty and repair issues. We're happy to fit in with your guidelines or advise on making amendments to improve efficiency and your reduce costs. We're also flexible and can accommodate varying warranty parameters for different product groups or different time periods.

We'll also prepare a clear Operating Agreement which details all aspects of our work on your behalf which will include -

  • Definitions of the parties involved.
  • Contact information and roles for key contacts in your and our business.
  • The services you'd like us to provide.
  • The warranty decision making process you'd like us to follow.
  • Access to specialist component parts and materials.
  • Access to technical information.
  • Reporting and data analysis.
  • Security of information and confidential material, e.g. product design or specialist material information.
  • Timings over which the Agreement will run.
  • Invoicing and account arrangements.
  • Review meetings, we suggest these are usually quarterly, where we normally like to cover all aspects of your customer service operation to ensure we're both working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Scottish Mountain Gear recognise that there are times that a product repair isn't economic. Your warranty decision making process can specify thresholds where a replacement product or refund should be made.

Read our manufacturer support service summary.