Down Cleaning for Jackets and Sleeping Bags

Scottish Mountain Gear offer a specialist cleaning service for down filled products. Next to our 'down room' we have a specialist laundry where we can wash and dry your down filled sleeping bags, jackets, salopettes and other performance expedition wear. 

We only clean down filled products, these need considerable care to ensure the internal baffles are not damaged during the cleaning and drying processes. Our industrial washing and drying machines have large diameter drums, they are designed and are specially programmed to carry out gentle cycles for down filled sleeping bags and clothing. We can clean your down filled products in a manner which is much safer than you could in a domestic washing machine and in a more effective manner than by hand-washing in a bath.  

Item From
Jacket Cleaning £36.00
Salopette Cleaning £36.00
Sleeping Bag Cleaning £42.00

To add a Nikwax Down Proof® treatment when your product is being cleaned please add £6.00 per item. For two clothing items together we offer a £5 discount.

Prices include Value Added Tax at 20% however exclude the return postage costs.

We also offer a specialist cleaning service for expedition equipment that has particularly heavy soiling or has been used constantly for a number of weeks and requires the removal of body odour, oils and grease. For items which require this level of cleaning we recommend that the sleeping bag or garment is opened and all of its down removed. We then clean the bag or garment without its filling, separately clean the filling and then refill the product. Please contact us for a competitive quotation to undertake this level of work to rejuvenate your expedition kit.

To book your down filled product for cleaning, please use our cleaning booking form, if you need any advice or would like to discuss your cleaning needs please use our enquiry form or call us on 0131-564 1000.

We ask you to carefully check the care instructions on your items before sending them to us. Some items are washable, but cannot be tumble dried even at low temperature, if you are in doubt please contact us for advice.

When your items arrive for cleaning we will inspect them for signs of weakness or care label instructions that suggest that they may not stand up to our washing and drying processes. If we advise you of this and you wish to proceed anyway the cleaning service will be carried out at your risk.

Some stains can be ingrained into fabrics, unfortunately it is not always possible to remove them all, especially if the product involved has been marked for a long period of time and a low washing temperature is needed. Your sleeping bag, jacket, salopettes or survival suit will, however, have been thoroughly washed and dried, it will be much cleaner and fresher, the down will have lofted up and with the removal of dirt your product will be more durable and water repellent in the future!

In very rare instances an item can be damaged during the washing process. If a problem arises we reserve the right to repair the item at our cost.

We make every effort to ensure that items are fully dry before they're returned to you, we do recommend that all products are properly aired on return for a further 24-48 hours in a warm room once you receive them back before they are stored away.